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Let's All Connect to Greatness!
Do you have a program(s) or service(s) that could benefit middle school boys on their journey to high school?
Do you have an innovative idea that can positively impact the lives of African-American middle school boys?
Do you have a funding opportunity that would be a perfect fit for Connect to GREATNESS?
If so, let's talk. Call (561) 502-0504  


Parents are you looking for alternative opportunities to empower your African-American Boys to reach their potential of greatness? Could your son benefit from exposure to other boys and African-American men who "coach" them to implement life skills such as good decision making and speaking with confidence? If so, join Connect to Greatness' Boys to Men Academy. This journey begins with a 15-week self-discovery program and continues as a gateway to high school. To apply, click here to complete the application.


Educators, do you have 5th-6th grade African-American Boys who stand out as natural leaders? Do you have boys who would benefit from "coaching" from other African-American men? If so, Connect to Greatness' Boys to Men Academy is the perfect opportunity to get boys involved. The Boys to Men Academy is a 15-week program and continues as a gateway to high school. To recommend a 5th-6th grade African-American male, click here to share the application with parents or other teachers, or download the application, print and send. 

Connect to Greatness's Boys to Men Leadership Academy is a 15-week self-discovery program where African-American middle school boys learn who they are by building confidence, character and consciousness. The Academy includes empowerment sessions with a cohort and African-American men "coaches" who will guide and challenge them to do the "inside out" work of becoming great men. Connect to Greatness is looking for great community partners.. Contact us by clicking here.  


Scholars On the Move

Scholarships are for boys who are committed to creating a vision that pushes them beyond their current reality. Creating opportunities for our scholars to receive scholarships and/or other financial resources to support their dreams is what we do!

C2G Coaches

Join the cadre of GREAT Coaches ready to make a difference in the lives of our boys. No matter who you are, if you are an African-American/Black male, a young man needs your support and presence in their lives. Become a part of the solution for our future generation. Apply to be a Connect to Greatness Coach. Submit your Application!

Boys to Men Leadership Academy

A social, emotional and academic journey to success! The Boys to Men Leadership Academy teaches boys how to become responsible Black men and blaze their path to greatness. Giving them a strong sense of purpose and commitment in all aspects of their lives. Topics may include personal/social responsibility, leadership, and character development.

Women of Boys Empowerment Series

The goal of the C2G African-American Women of Boys Empowerment Series is to empower women to: 1) advocate for issues that are important to them;
2) seek and/or create alternate pathways to leadership; and 3) pursue ongoing learning opportunities for themselves and inspire others along the way. 


Connect to Greatness, Inc. (C2G) is a 501c3 organization formed specifically to expose alternate and promising programming options to African-American/Black boys to discover their greatness and set new expectations for themselves and their future. Our goal is to promote and nurture a shift in their thinking about themselves, their behaviors, attitudes and relationships. The organization focuses on middle school boys ages 10-14 in South Palm Beach County. We are committed to the "inside out work" of moving our boys from trailblazers to change makers. Watch here as AJ+ brings the stories that are shaping our world in Changing The Game For Young Black Males In America.


Are you passionate about ensuring the emotional, social, psychological, and academic well-being of our African-American Boys? Click "I'm In" to sign up as a volunteer with C2G today!


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Our partnership mission is to ignite the curiosity and creativity of African-American/Black boys and empower them to re-
imagine their lives personally, socially and academically with an innovative mindset. Learn More.